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The Problems with Binge Drinking

_46803945_drinkpaResponsible drinking habits in the United Kingdom are seldom found, despite the declining rate of consumption amongst the youth of the country. Binge drinking fell among school pupils, from a staggering 29percent to a 18percent, and an abstinence from alcoholic beverages has increased by 40percent from the period 2005-2013, according to research. This trend is because of an altered attitude to drinking than from before – most young people aged 16-24 in the country are no longer looking at alcohol as an important reason to have a good social life, or are more aware of how excessive drinking can impact their health, than their parents were.

But why is there still the perspective that binge drinking is a problem in the United Kingdom? Binge drinking can be defined as drinking alcohol more than six or eight units all at once. There needs to be greater awareness on how being an alcoholic is not a good life choice, how getting drunk regularly (drinking more than you are normally accustomed to) is not a good idea and how drinking in moderation should be the healthiest option you can cultivate to look after yourself better. When there has been a lot of drinking in any occassion then drinking should be avoided for 48hours – nationally there needs to be greater awareness on facts such as these, and this is where the government needs to step in and do more to curb binge drinking.

106669317The United Kingdom is faring worse than other fellow European countries, such as Hungary, Bulgaria and Ukraine, when it comes to rates of alcohol consumption. It is still one of the worst nations in the world for alcohol drinking and and for this a lot of people are losing their lives or out getting it ruined for ill health that can be attributed to negligence over alcohol drinking.

Pricing on units of alcohol perhaps needs to be readjusted, as in it needs to be increased; furthermore advertising needs to be more strict and needs to spread awareness on the health consequences of being an alcoholic. Binge drinking is toxic to health but drinking more than three pints of lager is still considered to be a pretty normal thing to do. In the United Kingdom, there is an issue with the advertisements that caution you about binge drinking. They do not talk as much about how binge drinking is impacting patient numbers in hospitals – its soaring. Some other negative results of binge drinking involves: the possibility of street crime happening more and more because of bad alcoholic habits, and drinkers also standing at a risk of depression.

When addressing issues of binge drinking, there needs to be a focus on how quick the situation can improve. Alcohol abuse should be curbed at a young age because the earlier you snip the problem in its bud, the faster that social intervention programs pioneered by the government can get effective. These intervention programs need to address any family conflicts that might harbour an over-dependence on alcohol, any trouble with relationships that’s avoiding counselling, alongside nurturing a supportive environment for the home.

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