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The Muslim Question

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In the United Kingdom, Muslims should have equal access to opportunities in the labour market and this would greatly contribute to an integrated social atmosphere in the country. The top professions, more often than not, don’t have diversity present and the chances of ethnic minorities, with a Chinese or an Indian background, are far greater […]

What is Democracy in India?

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Last year, India held it’s general elections and as usual there was a smattering of political parties, all with something different to offer approximately 700mn adults registered or eligible to vote at least. The newly chosen (by public) members of the national parliament have had some time to spend on the budgets and they should […]

Poverty, Agriculture & Climate Change: What to do with Bangladesh?

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By the time the clock hits twelve at midnight, and it is 2021, many expect Bangladesh to make the transition from a low-income country to a middle-income heavyweight. 2021 is set to be it’s fiftieth year as an independent nation, but alleviating poverty is still a really huge challenge for this hot and humid land. […]

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